Most people are aware that Functional Devices offers RIB® relays, current sensors and power supplies, but fewer people know that we also carry an extensive line of transformers.

Product features:

  • Step-down to either 24 or 120 VAC
  • Single or multi-tap primaries
  • 20 VA to 375 VA
  • Hub or foot mountable, or both (NPT 0.5” hub)
  • Split-bobbin construction (inherently limited)
  • 8” pigtail wires with 0.5” strip standard
  • Circuit breakers available
  • UL Listed or Component Recognized to UL5085-2 or UL5085-3 in US and Canada
  • Class 2 available

Our transformers have a style number associated with them that relates to their construction, denoting where the wires exit from and whether there is a circuit breaker or terminal connection. The style guide is available on our website and in our RIB® catalog.

We also offer a line of 40, 50 and 100 VA control transformers that are Made in the USA. These transformers meet the “Buy American” provisions of Section 1605 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

Whether you just need a single control or isolation transformer or are specifying a new project, consider Functional Devices, Inc. for your transformer needs.

About the Author

Henry Smith is a 34-year-old engineer at Functional Devices, Inc. He has a BSEET obtained from Purdue University in 2014 and a lifelong interest in electronics. As an engineer at Functional Devices, he gets to provide Technical Support to our customers, from distributors to specifying engineers and installers.

Henry enjoys providing tech support, as it allows our company to assist at every level of our product’s lifecycle and exposes us to interesting and unique applications. While not every technical question is unique, even answering a simple question or providing someone with the information in a timely manner can go a long way to helping him or her meet a deadline.