Lighting Controls

UL924 Bypass/Shunt Relays

Shunt Relay Applications

Our Emergency Bypass / Shunt Relays are UL924 listed and suitable for shunting around wall switches in order to turn on emergency lighting in the event of the loss of normal utility power.

When normal power is present, the ESR relay coil is activated and the emergency panel is fed from normal power. The lighting load can be switched on/off using an individual wall switch.

When normal power drops out, the ESR coil is deactivated and N/C contact falls closed. The automatic transfer switch changes over to backup (generator) power, and the lighting load is illuminated regardless of the position of the wall switch or controller scheme.

For models that are obsolete, custom-built, or are not shown on the table below, please consult us by emailing sales@functionaldevices.com or by calling 1-800-888-5538.

See individual datasheets for details and wiring information.