Staying Safe from High Voltage with Remote Current Sensor & Relay Combos

September 12, 2017

Problem Here’s a scenario that may be familiar: the current of a high voltage load needs to be monitored with a current sensor, and the current sensor needs an integrated relay with 10A rated contacts. It seems easy, however when working with high voltage, some special equipment (and maybe even a licensed professional) is required. […] Read More

RIB® Relays are Versatile

August 29, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Versatility… We all like it. Our most popular relay, model RIBU1C, is versatile because it can be controlled by any voltage between 10V and 30V AC or DC as well as 120V. It’s even more versatile because it has a set of SPDT dry contact outputs. Those outputs could be used for high voltage, low […] Read More

Mount Your Controller and Peripheral Devices in our Prepackaged Power Supply

August 8, 2017
Tech Tuesday

If you’re planning to install a controller and other peripheral devices, an important consideration is where the items will be placed within an enclosure, and how they will be powered. Fortunately, Functional Devices has a line of products that can address both of those needs: the MHP Series. These products include a metal enclosure, power […] Read More

RIB® Current Sensors Just Make Sense

July 25, 2017
Tech Tuesday

RIB Split Core Current Sensor Slide Opening

Do you remember when spark plugs, an oil filter, and other critical engine components could be easily accessed by simply opening the car hood? Well I don’t, but my Dad calls those the “good old days.” Routine car maintenance and oil changes were so much simpler and less oil was spilled! That simplicity points directly […] Read More

Controlling a Pool Cover with EnOcean® Enabled Wireless Devices

July 11, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Problem Recently I got a tech support call from a homeowner asking if they could use our RIB® relays to control a swimming pool cover. The customer wanted to control their pool cover from multiple places throughout the house. There was no switch or sensor on either end of the pool, so there was no […] Read More

Mobile-Friendly Website Redesign

June 26, 2017

You may have noticed that our website got a bit of a facelift. It’s been a long time coming, and is the culmination of over a year’s effort on the part of our Marketing Department. How’s It Look on a Smartphone? There were a few primary goals for this new website. The main goal was […] Read More

Using RIB® Relays to Control Bathroom Fans & Lights

June 13, 2017
Tech Tuesday

In the past three months, I have received eight technical support calls about the same bathroom application. In all cases, they needed a 120 Vac exhaust fan to start when a 277 Vac light fixture was turned on using a single 277 Vac rated wall switch. Two of the individuals had both 120 Vac and […] Read More

Finding the Best DC Power Supply for Your Application

May 23, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Perhaps you are aware of or have used our AC power supplies and transformers, but do you know we offer DC power supplies as well? Just like many of our other products, our DC power supplies come with multiple options to best suit your application. Whether it is enclosed, track mountable, or non-isolated, we have […] Read More

Protect Your Loads with our RIB® Prepackaged Circuit Breaker Switches

May 9, 2017
Tech Tuesday

It is always a good idea to protect your loads from short circuit and over current problems. However, sometimes your loads, transformers, or even your controllers do not come equipped with this necessary protection. You can protect the investment of your customers and electricians by installing circuit breakers. We offer prepackaged circuit breaker switches to […] Read More

550 VA UPS Power Supply Kit with BACnet® Communication

April 25, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Functional Devices manufactures a series of UPS backup power supply kits for use in critical controller applications. All models come prepackaged in a metal enclosure with an interface board and status LEDs for convenience and time savings in the field. Our newest model is a BTL Certified BACnet® compatible 550 VA UPS kit (PSH550-UPS-BC), which […] Read More