Navigating our Website to Pick the Perfect RIB®

December 20, 2016
Tech Tuesday

In this week’s Tech Tuesday blog post, I thought it might be helpful to give an overview of Functional Devices’ website. There is a lot of useful information available to help you pick the right RIB® device or realize an application. I will point out some of the key sections of our website, so you […] Read More

Navigating our Datasheets

December 12, 2016
Tech Tuesday

With as many devices as we offer, it may feel like quite an accomplishment when you narrow it down to a few options! After that, the concern comes to the specifications of the device and how to differentiate them from one to another. In this week’s Tech Tuesday post, I would like to help you […] Read More

The Best Choice for UL924 RIB® Relays

December 6, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Functional Devices knows that versatility is a big benefit when it comes to products for the engineering, installation and maintenance fields alike. For the engineers writing the specs, having one go-to product for a vast array of applications is a must. For the installer, having the flexibility to change the wiring for a system on […] Read More

Using RIB® Current Sensors with ECMs

November 15, 2016
Tech Tuesday

From time to time, we receive technical support calls and emails about whether our current sensors are compatible with ECM loads. With many motorized loads utilizing an ECM, this is a valid question. Not too long ago this question led our engineering team to conduct our own research and testing, and we determined that our […] Read More

I/O Expanders and Sequencers

November 8, 2016
Tech Tuesday

The RIBMN24Q Series of I/O Expanders and Sequencers can be very useful. I would like to focus on the RIBMN24Q4C-PX today. This device is the coolest of them all from this series, in my opinion. Features: 0-10Vdc Analog Input Control Four (4) SPDT 15A relays Real-time Analog Input Voltage Display Programmable On/Off Settings Heartbeat Indicator […] Read More

Zone Valve Control

November 1, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Problem: About a week ago, a contractor called into tech support looking for help to get his customer’s new heating system up and running. The customer had a hydronic heating system that consisted of a boiler and circulator in a mechanical room and nine zone valves, which were split amongst three zones. The system was […] Read More

PSH500A AC Power Supplies

October 25, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Many of our past Tech Tuesday blogs have featured different RIB® relays that we produce. From the simple to the more “smart” relays, we offer quite a variety! Maybe you’re asking yourself: “Does Functional Devices make more than RIB® relays?” That’s a great question because we do! This week I would like to zoom in […] Read More

Get to Know RIB®

October 18, 2016
Tech Tuesday

This week’s blog post is a little bit different. We would like for you to get to know the RIB® product line in a new way – using a RIB® themed crossword puzzle! Feel free to download the document and fill it out! Most of the answers can be found at If you need […] Read More

Energy Saving Applications

October 11, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Whether it is for environmental or monetary reasons, many people constantly look for ways to save energy. I am one of those people, and I have implemented many energy saving technologies in my own home. I have automated lighting, a smart thermostat which controls a high efficiency heat pump, and many energy saving appliances. These […] Read More

Functional Devices Plastic Mounting Track

October 4, 2016
Tech Tuesday

The devices that we make are not always prepackaged in gray plastic enclosures. In order to make our products more panel friendly, we have developed track mount versions of our popular RIB® relays and other devices. A panel builder or panel shop can effectively utilize the valuable space by grouping together our devices using our […] Read More