A Delayed Bathroom Exhaust Fan

August 30, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Problem: Our customer needed a bathroom exhaust fan to come on when the light turned on, but wanted the fan to continue operating for a time after the light was turned off (to clear the air). Solution: Use a RIB® Current Sensor and Delay on Break (DOB) Time Delay Relay per the diagram below: How […] Read More

Versatility of Dry Contact Input RIB® Relays

August 23, 2016
Tech Tuesday

I consider frogs to be rather intelligent creatures. Ask one how to activate a flood light when a garage door opens, and it will respond “RIB-it.” Ask another how to activate a damper when a hood fan is energized, and yet again, the response is “RIB-it.” Seems we could learn a thing or two – […] Read More