Engineering Roles at Functional Devices

September 27, 2016
Tech Tuesday

I want to spend this week discussing the role of our Engineers here at Functional Devices, particularly as it relates to our customers. If you have been reading our blog posts over the past few months, you may have noticed that there are three of us who are writing. Sam, Henry and I only represent […] Read More

Double-pole Relays in Latching Applications

September 20, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Problem: When a customer calls into Technical Support and starts to ask me questions about our latching relays, I know the question that they are usually working up to. “I see you have latching relays with 12 Vac/dc and 24 Vac/dc coils, but I do not see any with a higher coil voltage. Do you […] Read More

RIB® Current Sensors

September 13, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Many technical calls that I have answered have been in regards to our RIB® current sensors and the different features these popular little devices have. In this week’s Tech Tuesday blog entry, I would like to give a general overview of the RIB® current sensors and include an explanation of the different features that I […] Read More

Our BACnet RIB® Devices are now BTL Certified

September 13, 2016
Product News

Our BACnet RIB® Devices are now BTL Certified Our customers’ time is valuable. That’s why we don’t want you spending time troubleshooting our BACnet® RIBs® in a system with devices from multiple vendors. The BTL Mark assures that our devices have passed the industry standard conformance tests that allow them to work interoperably with other […] Read More

Controlling a Closet Light with RIBs®

September 6, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Problem: This past week, I had two customers call in for help using an RIBU1C to control a closet light. That is a legitimate question because, after all, the device between a low voltage switch and a high voltage load is commonly a relay. The problem is that using an RIBU1C as a closet light […] Read More