February 28, 2017

There could be many reasons to take pride in your job. For me, pride is experienced in the fact that our products are designed, tested, and manufactured right here in the United States of America. Need to call in for help with an install? Need to send a picture via email of the circuit you […] Read More

Emergency Lighting with Dimming Control

February 21, 2017
Tech Tuesday

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about two of our UL924 Emergency Lighting Bypass / Shunt Relays (models ESRB and ESRN). This week I want to focus on a specific application for them; one which shows up frequently. The ESRB and ESRN can be used in conjunction with a 0-10Vdc Dimming Control […] Read More

Using RIB® Products in a Fountain Pump Application

February 14, 2017
Tech Tuesday

I recently had a customer call into our Technical Support team with a unique problem, hoping we could help him devise a solution. After he explained his needs, I was confident that some configuration of our products would solve his problem. Problem: Fountains use pumps to pull water and shoot it up into the air. […] Read More

The City of Kokomo

February 7, 2017

Functional Devices is located in Sharpsville, Indiana, but we are also just south of Kokomo, “The City of Firsts“. Even though our RIB® products are not manufactured in Kokomo, many of our employees live or have lived in this community at some point in their lives. A fifteen minute drive drive from our office will […] Read More