February 28, 2017

There could be many reasons to take pride in your job. For me, pride is experienced in the fact that our products are designed, tested, and manufactured right here in the United States of America.

Need to call in for help with an install? Need to send a picture via email of the circuit you wish to add a relay to? One of our Engineers based at our corporate headquarters in Indiana will answer you! That RIBU1C relay you’re installing… yeah, that was assembled by American employees in our Production Department, too!

We are proud to keep this business running with American-made devices since 1969. Sales of our products are great here in the USA, but the popularity of RIB® devices has gone international. RIB® relays, current sensors, or any of our other devices can now be found outside of the United States. No matter where the device is installed, rest assured that the product is made and supported by an American workforce!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us anytime between 8am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday at 1-800-888-5538, or email us at

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About the Author

Meet Samuel Klennert – you can call him Sam. He was born and raised amongst the farmland of Indiana, which included corn, soybeans, and sometimes wheat. Sam graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology in 2015. He has a focus in analog circuitry and power electronics, but he’ll give software a try from time to time – just not that digital witchcraft!

Outside of work, Sam enjoys outdoor activities including (but not limited to) hiking, mountain biking (or just really-big-hill biking), and camping. Call Sam for tech support today – he’ll give his best effort to any task at hand!