The City of Kokomo

February 7, 2017

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Functional Devices is located in Sharpsville, Indiana, but we are also just south of Kokomo, “The City of Firsts“. Even though our RIB® products are not manufactured in Kokomo, many of our employees live or have lived in this community at some point in their lives. A fifteen minute drive drive from our office will take you to the edge of the city. Keep going and and you’ll make it to the city center and its developing infrastructure. Among many sights around the city are two in particular that I would like to share in this week’s blog post.

The first sight is known as Old Ben, a gigantic and mighty steer. The steer has been dead for some time now, but his story lives on in a taxidermied state. Just how big was Old Ben? At somewhere around 4,600 pounds, he was 6 ½ feet tall at the shoulder, 14 feet around, and 16 ¼ feet long from his nose to his tail.

The other sight is the old Sycamore Stump, which happens to be another large, once alive, spectacle. This Sycamore tree stump is all that is remaining of a once 100-foot-tall Sycamore tree that stood just west of Kokomo in a separate small town. The trunk was more than 50 feet in circumference, and the tree was estimated to be around 1,500 years old!

There are several other interesting and unique sights in Kokomo, Indiana that are not featured in this blog. If you find your way driving through north central Indiana, make Kokomo – and Sharpsville – a destination on your trip!

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