Employee Spotlight: Sam Klennert

October 13, 2017
Employee Spotlight

How long have you been at Functional Devices?

I’ve been working full time here for a little more than 2 years now.

What made you want to become an engineer?

Growing up, my Dad, who is a construction contractor, made a point to show and explain to me something when we would go to work on it. He took the time to teach me and answer questions that I would think up. If he didn’t know the answer, we would do our best to find it, learning along the way. That mentality was instilled in me and I would in turn disassemble toys, learn about the inner workings, and then put it back together. When it came time for me to think critically about my future, engineering seemed like a natural choice. I then chose electrical engineering because of the nature of technology and the opportunities available in that realm of the work force.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Well, I bought a house in April, so working on that a little has been sort of a hobby – and I do enjoy being a homeowner! Other than that, I have a mountain bike, but there’s only some steep hills here in Indiana. I have yet to go up and down an actual mountain! My Dad recently gave me his 1976 Technics SL-1400 turntable, so I’ve also been collecting vinyl records. Right now, I have The Eagles “Desperado” album, Phil Collins “Face Value,” Joe Walsh’s “The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get” (I really like the song “Rocky Mountain Way”), and The Doobie Brothers’ “Best of the Doobies.” The collection is slowly growing!

What’s your favorite part of working at Functional Devices?

As I really started working here and getting a feel for things, I recognized the family feel to this company. There is a closeness I see between all the employees and I really value that. With that, my favorite part is definitely the coworkers and interacting with them on a daily basis. I’m grateful that they continue to see potential in me and I’m more than happy to contribute the strengths and abilities that I’ve been blessed with to this company!

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Kallahan Beatty is Functional Devices’ Marketing Assistant. He has a background in video editing and photography, and he’s passionate about pretty much anything related to art.

In his off time, you might find him writing, reading comic books, or watching movies. In his on time, you can find him diligently working especially if his boss is reading this.