Employee Spotlight: Matt Long

November 17, 2017
Employee Spotlight

How long have you been at Functional Devices?

Next month will make nine years.

What made you want to become an engineer?

I have a weird relationship with math – I really like it – and I’ve always been fascinated with electronic devices. I have been pulling them apart and (trying to) put them back together for a long time.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Most of my time outside of work involves kids. Taking them where they need to go, watching them play sports, coaching, helping with projects/homework, etc.

What’s your favorite part of working at Functional Devices?

It’s a combination of things. I really like the people here and the fact that we all know each other. I like the respect we get within the industry. In my position, I get to talk to customers (and competitors) and it’s overwhelming how well our RIBĀ® name is known and is synonymous with high quality product and service.

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Kallahan Beatty is Functional Devices’ Marketing Assistant. He has a background in video editing and photography, and he’s passionate about pretty much anything related to art.

In his off time, you might find him writing, reading comic books, or watching movies. In his on time, you can find him diligently working especially if his boss is reading this.