Employee Spotlight: Caleb Martin

December 15, 2017
Employee Spotlight

How long have you been at Functional Devices?

I have been working at Functional Devices for almost 6 months now. I am still finding my way around sometimes. I grew up in the Metro Detroit area, and I am still not used to the more rural area around here.

What made you want to work in engineering?

Science was always my favorite class in school. I enjoyed learning about the world we live in and the devices we have created. I began tinkering and studying designs of everything around me at an early age. I guess I kind of just gravitated towards engineering.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Video games are a lot of fun after a long day of work, but lately I have enjoyed practicing piano and painting.

What’s your favorite part of working at Functional Devices?

I have a lot of freedom to design products and come up with ideas. The people you work with and talk to are very friendly.

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Kallahan Beatty is Functional Devices’ Marketing Assistant. He has a background in video editing and photography, and he’s passionate about pretty much anything related to art.

In his off time, you might find him writing, reading comic books, or watching movies. In his on time, you can find him diligently working especially if his boss is reading this.