RIB® Rap

April 17, 2018
Tech Tuesday

Working on RIBs® has opened my eyes
This world of HVAC I did not realize

You may think, “Relays – how hard can it be?”
I’ll tell you what, friend, it’s enough for me

Starting with the names, it may seem like a mess
But these sweet blogs makin’ me feel blessed!

Next come the datasheets, specifications galore
Look here, another blog – these devices have me floored

Decided on a RIB® – it’s the RIBU1C
Don’t know how it works? – see this analogy

Got some current to sense – we have what you need
Kinda looks like a doughnut but it’s current they read

It’s all wired up but what gives? – no power!
Transformers and power supplies – no time to be sour

These wires gettin’ deep – drowning in copper and plastic
It’s time to call support – I hear they’re fantastic!

That’s my RIB® rap – I hope you enjoy
To convey my excitement, this GIF I’ll employ


Mic Drop GIF

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About the Author

Meet Samuel Klennert – you can call him Sam. He was born and raised amongst the farmland of Indiana, which included corn, soybeans, and sometimes wheat. Sam graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology in 2015. He has a focus in analog circuitry and power electronics, but he’ll give software a try from time to time – just not that digital witchcraft!

Outside of work, Sam enjoys outdoor activities including (but not limited to) hiking, mountain biking (or just really-big-hill biking), and camping. Call Sam for tech support today – he’ll give his best effort to any task at hand!