An Installation Nightmare

October 31, 2018
Tech Tuesday

It was a dark and stormy night on all Hallows Eve. The full moon shone down on a building being retro-fitted by a lone contractor. He moved from room to room in a panicked frenzy, desperately trying to get all the Building Automation Systems to work, for the DEADline was at midnight.

He opened a panel to figure what was going wrong. Just as he thought he found the problem, the tangled mass of wires in the panels came to life! He tried to run, but they grabbed his arms and pinned him to the wall. He couldn’t move. All he could do was watch the horror of the events that unfolded in front of him.

The BACnet® controller became possessed, seemingly turning on and off lights at random. An overworked AC sent chills down his spine, and a malfunctioning heater projected howls into the night. A fan spun out of control, knocking itself loose and crashing to the floor. The relays (that were being used outside of ratings) began to melt. Could it get any worse?

Suddenly, lightning struck the building, killing the utility power. The lone contractor sat alone in the dark, waiting for emergency lights that would never come on. “If only I had installed the ESRN’s correctly!” he cried.

Then he heard them. The howls of angry customers as they turned into bloodthirsty beasts under the full moon and undead inspectors moaning violations. He saw their silhouettes against the thick fog on the horizon. The clock struck midnight. The end had come.

Installation doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Call us at tech support today.

Happy Halloween.


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About the Author

Tym Moore is an Electrical Engineer who hails from the best state of Colorado.
He graduated from Colorado State University in 2017 and moved to Indiana shortly afterward to marry his now wife. Outside of work, Tym spends most of his time driving back home, and complaining about how flat Indiana is.

Be sure to give Tym a call for tech support. He will always do his best to find a solution for you.