DIN Rail Mount RIBs: Save Space and Time

December 11, 2018
Tech Tuesday

Warning: The following blog contains a socially awkward engineer trying to give a sales pitch. Read at your own risk.

So maybe you’re thinking, “I really like these RIB relays. While they’re easy to mount to conduit or a junction box, I just really wish I could fit them more easily in a panel.” Luckily for you, we’ve recently come out with a cool new relay series: DIN Rail Mountable RIBs. Made to give you all the convenience and benefits of a normal RIB relay in an enclosure for snapping onto your everyday DIN rail. In addition to this, all DIN rail mountable RIB relays have a hinged lid for access to replace the multi-coil voltage socket relay. Models like the RIBRL1S and RIBR24SD have coil side override switches.

This could save you a lot of space in your panels. How much space you ask? Our DIN rail mountable relays measure only 0.78″ wide, compared to the RIBU1C‘s 2.8″ width. If you do the math, you can fit 15 of our new relays on a 12″ piece of rail. Make those relays a DPDT, such as the RIBR24D and RIBR24SD, and you’ve got thirty 10 Amp rated contacts in a one-foot-long space! Pair this with the usual RIB features such as transient coil protection, LED indicators, and screw terminals for fast connections, and you have a relay that will save you more space and time than Dr. Who.

I would recommend pairing these with one of our Enclosure Mounted Power Supplies such as the MHP4604100B10. These come with a metal housing, sub-panel, and power supply. Ordering the two together will give you almost everything you need to quickly build a panel.

If you have any questions on these relays in terms of ratings, applications, or installation, be sure to give us a call or email at Tech Support.


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