Where to Buy RIB® Relays

March 19, 2019
Tech Tuesday

You have spent weeks studying your customer’s requirements and application, and you have devised an economical and robust system to meet their needs. To complete the job, you will need multiple RIB® Relays, Power Supplies, Current Sensors, and maybe a few Transformers. Now it’s time to place a Purchase Order for the required components, but you are not sure how to get your hands on our products. Continue reading, and you will never wonder again.


Functional Devices, Inc. sells our RIB® products through Distributors and our Lighting products through Lighting Representatives. You can find one or the other by visiting our website and clicking the respective link at the top of the page (see above). The Distributor section of the website allows you to search by your location, if you would like to find a local distributor, or you can select from a few listed, online distributors. A quick search will bring up an interactive map where you can see the distributor’s address, phone number, and typical level of stock availability. There is also an interactive map provided when searching for a Lighting Rep. A click on the region of interest will show the representative’s name, address, and phone number.

The distributors searchable on our website will typically have the most up-to-date documentation; however, to guarantee the most current information on any of our products, it is best to visit functionaldevices.com and search for the model number. If you would rather talk to someone about a product, or where to buy one, you can always call our Technical Support or Sales Teams at 800-888-5538.

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About the Author

Henry Smith is a design engineer at Functional Devices, Inc. He has a BS EET obtained from Purdue University in 2014 and a lifelong interest in electronics. As an engineer at Functional Devices, he gets to provide Technical Support to our customers, from distributors to specifying engineers and installers.

Henry enjoys providing tech support, as it allows our company to assist at every level of our product’s lifecycle and exposes us to interesting and unique applications. While not every technical question is unique, even answering a simple question or providing someone with the information in a timely manner can go a long way to helping him or her meet a deadline.