Functional Devices Inc. to Stop Making RIBs, Start Making Toothbrushes Instead

April 1, 2019
Tech Tuesday

What’s the most functional device of them all? A toothbrush of course! 

April Fools!

Gotcha good, didn’t I?

Now for the fun of it, here’s a couple of April Fool’s Day pranks involving RIB® Relays:

The Classic: One of the hardest parts of setting up an April Fool’s Day prank is figuring out how to trigger it. With a RIB Relay, you can have your prank automated! Just take any our relays, such as the RIBU1C, and wire it like you normally would to control a load. Except your “load” is your prank. It can be a simple light or alarm, or maybe an air horn. Be creative!

The Time Delay: Take a delay relay, such as the RIBD01BDC-DOB, and connect its dry contacts to a closed drawer, door, or switch. Then set the delay for however long you want. This will ensure that whatever fun surprise you have in store for someone won’t be immediately activated by them flipping a switch/ opening a door/ opening a drawer. Which means that they might not be able to identify the trigger, giving them a better chance of falling for it again! Now you get to laugh at them multiple times!

The Remote Activated: A tried and true prank at our office here in Indiana. This involves one of our wireless relays, such as the RIBW01B-EN3 or RIBTW24B-WI-N4, to remotely trigger your prank. This enables you to activate your prank without being in the vicinity, decreasing your chances of being identified as the prankster! Our personal favorite is to use a WiFi relay to activate an alarm siren with your computer or phone. No one suspects the person sitting innocently at their computer.

If you need help setting any of these pranks up, be sure to call us at tech support. We’ll gladly participate in the laughs.

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