A RIB Just For You

September 24, 2019
Tech Tuesday

It could be hard to believe but we may not have just the right device for you. Out of all the RIB devices and power supplies we offer, it seems that once in a while someone calls or emails in needing a slight modification to an existing product. There’s even the chance that someone needs a one-off device that would be a whole new product category in our lineup. If you’re facing either of these scenarios, you may want to read on to get the ball rolling on a new product with Functional Devices!

RIB Variations

When it comes to modifying an existing Functional Devices product, begin with the device that acts as the starting point and a list of hard specifications. Answering questions like these will definitely help the design Engineers and Sales staff:

  • What’s the existing product that needs to be altered?
  • What’s the end goal of the product?
  • Where will it be installed?
  • How often would you use it?

A Brand-New RIB

Perhaps what you need is completely different than the devices that we already manufacture and sell. Typically, if you’re not the first one to ask about the availability of a certain device, that’s proof enough to start designing something to meet that need. Otherwise, if one can prove that enough of the new device would be purchased within a year, we can start hitting the drawing boards. This is where the Sales staff come in to confirm some details. Then, the information is taken to Engineering so that the dream may come true!

Team Up with Functional Devices

If we do not already build a device with specifications or packaging configurations you require, we will be happy to quote and design one for you. Functional Devices is actively involved in the development and production of special peripheral devices. Whether variations of existing Functional Devices products or entirely unique devices, we will help provide you with a product to fit your specific needs. Please contact us so we may review your project and special requirements.

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