Part Change Notice: Time Delay Relays 01/15/2020

January 6, 2020


Changeover Date: January 15th, 2020

Any RIBD01BDC or RIBD02BDC ordered on or after the changeover date may be original or updated version. Limited supply of models with          “-DOB” suffix.

Description of Changes: 

Adjustable timing range for the RIBD0(1/2)BDC is now 1-30 seconds or 1-30 minutes. Both models now have Delay on Make (DOM), Delay on Break (DOB), and Delay on Make and Delay on Break (DOM & DOB) functionality. Thus, models with the suffix “-DOB” are now obsolete.

Reason for Changes: 

  • To improve functionality for the end user
  • To improve production processes and costs

Each updated model will include the following notice:

Datasheets for original models:

RIBD01BDC Datasheet

RIBD02BDC Datasheet

RIBD01BDC-DOB Datasheet

RIBD02BDC-DOB Datasheet

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