Wireless Dimming with EnOcean Enabled Phase Angle Dimmer

September 1, 2020
Tech Tuesday

Here at Functional Devices, we pride ourselves in having products that are easy to use and work in a vast amount of applications. With the new FDLR05BPD, it’s no different.

What is it?

The FDLR05BPD is a wireless controlled phase angle dimmer that works with most phase dimmable incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lights up to 600W.


Easy to Install

The FDLR05BPD has only three wires to connect: Hot, Neutral, and the Dimmed output. On top of that, it comes in our familiar 4″ x 4″ housing that can be easily mounted to a wall, ceiling, junction box, or conduit.

EnOcean Controlled

The FDLR05BPD is controlled by the tried and true EnOcean protocol. It works with most EnOcean transmitters such as the FDLTS2FDLTKEY, FDLTVC, and FDLTVW.

Dim Mode Selectable

Using the same CLR and LRN buttons, the Dimming mode can be toggled between leading and trailing edge dimming so that you can get optimal dimming performance with your lights.

Low Dimming Threshold

In some lighting applications, especially retrofits, light fixtures can flicker with phase angle dimmers at low levels. The FDLR05BPD can set a Low Dimming Threshold, at which when dimming past a certain level it will automatically turn the lights off; effectively skipping over the range in which the light flickers.

Overall, these features make the FDLR05BPD easy to use and compatible with a wide variety of lighting applications. For a complete list of features and instructions, see the FDLR05BPD Bulletin. And as always, if you need any help or have any questions, be sure to call or email us at Tech Support.

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