BACnet Compatible Power Meter Kit is Prepackaged to Make Installation Easier

December 8, 2020
Tech Tuesday

A few months ago, I wrote a blog to spotlight our recently released, BACnet® MS/TP compatible, Revenue Grade, Power Meter (RIBPM413-BC). In this blog, I will be covering the RIBPM413-BC-KIT, which is our enclosed version of the power meter, with some accessories.

The RIBPM413-BC is a modular product that comes with our MT212-4 mounting track (seen mounted in the bottom of the enclosure above). However, the standard that the product is listed under, UL 61010, has some requirements for product installation to ensure safe operation. Those requirements include a disconnect switch within easy reach of the installed unit and fuses installed between the device and the load being metered.

While we offer the power meter board by itself, which an end-user can install and use the components that they prefer, we also offer an all-in-one solution to save the installer time. The RIBPM413-BC-KIT includes:

  • Our MH1200 enclosure
  • 3-pole disconnect switch with lock-out capability
  • Fuse holder with three replaceable fuses
  • Screwless DIN rail terminals for field connections
  • RIBPM413-BC power meter board
  • MT212-4 mounting track

The enclosure has several ½” and ¾” knockouts for conduit connections from any direction, and the lid has two light pipes to make the power meter’s onboard LEDs visible from outside the enclosure.

For detailed information on the BACnet® capabilities of our power meter, you can view the PIC Statement or the Communication Details section of the RIBPM413-BC Install Guide. We currently have a selection of revenue-grade CTs to work with our power meter, which can be found by following this link. Many more CT options will be available soon.

Please call or email us at Tech Support with any questions!

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