Part Change Notice: FDLTMAG to FDLTMAG2

August 27, 2020

Affected Models: FDLTMAG End of life Changeover: FDI has a limited number of the FDLTMAG left in stock. As this model reaches its end of life, if the FDLTMAG in unavailable, please order the FDLTMAG2 instead. Description of Changes: The FDLTMAG is being replaced by the FDLTMAG2. Functionality remains largely the same. Reason for Changes: […] Read More

A Relay for the Nest Hello Doorbell

August 18, 2020
Tech Tuesday

We received a Technical Support email where someone wanted to know if the RIBU1C relay would be able to work with their Nest Hello doorbell system. Let's find out in a brand new Tech Tuesday! Read More

Saving Energy When an Overhead Door Is Open

July 28, 2020
Tech Tuesday

Many workshops have overhead doors, which can be left open intentionally or unintentionally. No matter the reason, it makes sense to stop running the air conditioning in the space during this time. Check out this Tech Tuesday to learn how Functional Devices can help you make that happen! Read More

Build-A-RIB Workshop Part 4: Optimus Prime?!

July 14, 2020
Tech Tuesday

In this Tech Tuesday, we talk about the naming convention for our transformers! Read More

Current Transformers for Power Monitoring

June 30, 2020
Tech Tuesday

In this Tech Tuesday, we're talking about the new Current Transformer models that can be used with the new Power monitoring device or any other applications in need of a Current Transformer. Read More

Limit Exposure to Harmful UV Lighting in PPE Cleaning Rooms

June 26, 2020

Limit exposure to harmful lighting in rooms designated or converted to clean personal protective gear/equipment (PPE) using UV lights in hospitals, medical centers, and businesses!  Read More

Using a Dry Contact Relay with an Irrigation System

June 16, 2020
Tech Tuesday

In this week's Tech Tuesday, learn how Functional Devices can help you save money with your irrigation system! Read More

Top 10 RIB Tips and Tricks

May 19, 2020
Tech Tuesday

Here's a list of our top 10 RIB tips and tricks! Read More

UV Light in an Air Handling Unit

May 5, 2020
Tech Tuesday

Need help finding a relay device to turn on and off the UV light in your air handling unit? Then this is the perfect Tech Tuesday for you! Read More

Coil Transient Voltage Suppression

April 21, 2020
Tech Tuesday

"Do your relays have a freewheeling, flyback or steering diode on the coil, because my spec is calling for one?" Let's talk about that in this week's #TechTuesday. Read More