Tales from Tech Support: Hi/Lo Voltage Separation

February 9, 2021
Tech Tuesday

This week’s Tech Blog post is inspired by a recent Tech Call I had with a long-time RIB customer. The call went something like this:

Customer: Hi – I’ve been using RIB relays for more than 10 years and I love them. I wish you had a relay device that could separate my 24Vdc signal from the Line Voltage load wires. Do you have anything like that?
Sam: Well, I’m glad you called because I think we have just the product for you. The “T-Style” series relays will be able to split up the Low Voltage input from the Line Voltage load. Check out the RIBT2401B relay to start.
C: Woah – this is exactly what I need! Functional Devices has the best Tech Support team ever! What’s your name?
S: Well, sir, my name is Sam.
C: Sam, I’m calling your boss to demand a pay increase for the incredible job you do! You should know that RIB relays are the only relays I will ever use now.
S: Thank you, sir! It’s a pleasure to help out such great customers!
C: The pleasure is all mine. Now how do I buy 1,000 of these RIBT2401B relays?

There may have been some embellishment with the above dialogue of that interaction, but I think you get the idea of how pleased the customer was to see the Hi/Low separated T-Style RIB relays we offer. To illustrate the application, see the image below:

The T-Style RIBs are a great way to separate the Low Voltage coil input (24V) from the Line Voltage load wires. As the image shows, the threaded hub on the RIBT2401B relay can connect straight to a knockout hole on a junction box, making the junction box the Line Voltage compartment. Then, the Low Voltage wires can come in through the star grommet on the side of the RIBT2401B relay to connect to the coil terminal connections. The Low Voltage and Line Voltage are now safely separated.

Before you know it, the installation is done and you’re on your way to install more RIB relays! It was great to be able to help that customer out over the phone. Don’t hesitate to call us or send in an email with your product questions or concerns. We’re happy to help!

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