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Quality is Designed into Products

November 28, 2017
Tech Tuesday

I used to work in the Engineering Department for a large Fortune 500 aeronautical company; the kind of company where if a single part was scrapped out, it would have been equivalent to my entire salary. Each individual component was manufactured by this company, and all of the sub-assemblies and final assemblies were done in-house […] Read More

B.I.N.G.O. with R.I.B.®

October 10, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Dear Blog Readers, We have recently been on a B-I-N-G-O kick here at RIB, where we have played company-wide games. That got me to thinking about an acrostic for our products. B – The ‘B’ in our devices generally represents a 20A relay, like model RIB2401B. I – We have a few models with Analog […] Read More

RIB® Relays are Versatile

August 29, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Versatility… We all like it. Our most popular relay, model RIBU1C, is versatile because it can be controlled by any voltage between 10V and 30V AC or DC as well as 120V. It’s even more versatile because it has a set of SPDT dry contact outputs. Those outputs could be used for high voltage, low […] Read More

Controlling a Pool Cover with EnOcean® Enabled Wireless Devices

July 11, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Problem Recently I got a tech support call from a homeowner asking if they could use our RIB® relays to control a swimming pool cover. The customer wanted to control their pool cover from multiple places throughout the house. There was no switch or sensor on either end of the pool, so there was no […] Read More

Protect Your Loads with our RIB® Prepackaged Circuit Breaker Switches

May 9, 2017
Tech Tuesday

It is always a good idea to protect your loads from short circuit and over current problems. However, sometimes your loads, transformers, or even your controllers do not come equipped with this necessary protection. You can protect the investment of your customers and electricians by installing circuit breakers. We offer prepackaged circuit breaker switches to […] Read More

Finding a RIB® Relay for Obscure Voltages

March 28, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Occasionally we get calls about controlling an unusual voltage with our RIB® relays. Finding a relay with oddball voltages can be incredibly difficult, especially if you want a prepackaged one with transient suppression and an LED indicator. Voltages could be 5V Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) signals from computers or microprocessors, 18V for renewable energy applications or […] Read More

Emergency Lighting with Dimming Control

February 21, 2017
Tech Tuesday

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about two of our UL924 Emergency Lighting Bypass / Shunt Relays (models ESRB and ESRN). This week I want to focus on a specific application for them; one which shows up frequently. The ESRB and ESRN can be used in conjunction with a 0-10Vdc Dimming Control […] Read More

Dry Contact RIB® Relays Stop Voltage Drop

January 24, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Wireless technology is a fantastic thing. It allows people to control devices that are hundreds, if not thousands, of feet away. But what if wireless isn’t reliable enough? What if wireless is too expensive? What if you want a hardwired solution? No one wants to run thousands of feet of wire. That’s expensive both in […] Read More

RIB® Relays in 2017

January 3, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Dear Diary, It’s a new year full of new resolutions and experiences. New resolutions come with new hopes, new dreams and new opportunities. I’m looking forward to the chance to make better decisions this year and impact my community and the environment in a more positive way. That is how I have come up with […] Read More

The Best Choice for UL924 RIB® Relays

December 6, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Functional Devices knows that versatility is a big benefit when it comes to products for the engineering, installation and maintenance fields alike. For the engineers writing the specs, having one go-to product for a vast array of applications is a must. For the installer, having the flexibility to change the wiring for a system on […] Read More