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I/O Expanders and Sequencers

November 8, 2016
Tech Tuesday

The RIBMN24Q Series of I/O Expanders and Sequencers can be very useful. I would like to focus on the RIBMN24Q4C-PX today. This device is the coolest of them all from this series, in my opinion. Features: 0-10Vdc Analog Input Control Four (4) SPDT 15A relays Real-time Analog Input Voltage Display Programmable On/Off Settings Heartbeat Indicator […] Read More

Get to Know RIB®

October 18, 2016
Tech Tuesday

This week’s blog post is a little bit different. We would like for you to get to know the RIB® product line in a new way – using a RIB® themed crossword puzzle! Feel free to download the document and fill it out! Most of the answers can be found at www.functionaldevices.com. If you need […] Read More

Engineering Roles at Functional Devices

September 27, 2016
Tech Tuesday

I want to spend this week discussing the role of our Engineers here at Functional Devices, particularly as it relates to our customers. If you have been reading our blog posts over the past few months, you may have noticed that there are three of us who are writing. Sam, Henry and I only represent […] Read More

Controlling a Closet Light with RIBs®

September 6, 2016
Tech Tuesday

Problem: This past week, I had two customers call in for help using an RIBU1C to control a closet light. That is a legitimate question because, after all, the device between a low voltage switch and a high voltage load is commonly a relay. The problem is that using an RIBU1C as a closet light […] Read More