Product Update: BACnet® Analog Input Device – Set Point Function

May 17, 2018
Product News

BACnet® Analog Input Device Update – Set Point Function The software on the RIBTW24B-BCAI and RIBMNW24B-BCAI has been updated to include a user configurable Set Point Function. This function is available on the previous models with a Code Version or 1.5 or higher. Once configured and enabled, the device will monitor the Analog Input (AI1), […] Read More

Troubleshooting RIB® Relays

May 1, 2018
Tech Tuesday

Learn how to troubleshoot our RIB® products! Read More

Range Planning for EnOcean® Devices

March 20, 2018
Tech Tuesday

If you are wanting to install wireless devices to control something, check out our EnOcean® Products! Read More

Automated Dust Collection for Woodworking Shop

February 6, 2018
Tech Tuesday

In my time performing technical support at Functional Devices, Inc., several customers have requested assistance selecting RIB® products that would enable them to automate the dust collection system in their woodworking shop. In each scenario, they were looking for a way to have their dust collector turn on if any of their electric saws, sanders […] Read More

Providing Override Feedback to Your Controller with our RIB® Device

November 14, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Most people that call Functional Devices, Inc. Technical Support are aware of our popular products like RIB® relays, current sensors, power supplies and transformers, but we offer many other products that do not fit into one of those categories. In this blog, I will spotlight one such product, model RIBMNA1D0. Features The RIBMNA1D0 is a […] Read More

Measuring the Voltage of Floating Outputs

September 26, 2017
Tech Tuesday

All Functional Devices’ AC power supplies, stepdown transformers and isolation transformers have a floating output. The outputs are said to be floating because they are isolated from the input and have no internal connection to it. Since that is the case, when measuring the output voltage of any of those devices, ground cannot be used […] Read More

Mount Your Controller and Peripheral Devices in our Prepackaged Power Supply

August 8, 2017
Tech Tuesday

If you’re planning to install a controller and other peripheral devices, an important consideration is where the items will be placed within an enclosure, and how they will be powered. Fortunately, Functional Devices has a line of products that can address both of those needs: the MHP Series. These products include a metal enclosure, power […] Read More

Using RIB® Relays to Control Bathroom Fans & Lights

June 13, 2017
Tech Tuesday

In the past three months, I have received eight technical support calls about the same bathroom application. In all cases, they needed a 120 Vac exhaust fan to start when a 277 Vac light fixture was turned on using a single 277 Vac rated wall switch. Two of the individuals had both 120 Vac and […] Read More

550 VA UPS Power Supply Kit with BACnet® Communication

April 25, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Functional Devices manufactures a series of UPS backup power supply kits for use in critical controller applications. All models come prepackaged in a metal enclosure with an interface board and status LEDs for convenience and time savings in the field. Our newest model is a BTL Certified BACnet® compatible 550 VA UPS kit (PSH550-UPS-BC), which […] Read More

Normally Closed Current Sensors

March 14, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Occasionally a customer will call our Technical Support to ask if we offer any Normally Closed (N/C) current sensors. While it is true that all of our self-powered AC current sensors only offer a Normally Open (N/O) Solid State contact, we do carry several relay & AC sensor combinations that can be configured to function […] Read More