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Limit Exposure to Harmful UV Lighting in PPE Cleaning Rooms

June 26, 2020

Limit exposure to harmful lighting in rooms designated or converted to clean personal protective gear/equipment (PPE) using UV lights in hospitals, medical centers, and businesses!  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Wesley Crusher Kibler

November 16, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Meet our Employee of All the Months: Wesley Crusher Kibler! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Kasey Bostic

October 19, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Kasey Bostic is one of the best Line Leaders that Functional Devices has ever had the pleasure of working with! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Jeff Walls

October 5, 2018
Employee Spotlight

You know who's awesome at his job? Jeff Walls! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Venessa Edwards

August 10, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Meet the one, the only Venessa Edwards! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Caley Popp

July 27, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Meet one of Functional Devices' favorite Shipping Clerks: Caley Popp. Read More

Introducing Our Brand New Logo

July 27, 2018

Allow us to introduce our brand new RIB® logo! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Kallahan Beatty

July 13, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Meet Functional Devices' Marketing Assistant: Kallahan Beatty! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Dave Siefers

June 29, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Meet the one, the only Dave Siefers! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Ethan Wallsmith

June 15, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Enjoy a brand new Employee Spotlight on Ethan Wallsmith! Read More