Delay Relays: Delay on Make vs. Delay on Break

March 6, 2018
Tech Tuesday

What's the difference between DOM and DOB? Let's try to answer that and give some real-world examples of applications where each could be used. Read More

Hi/Low Separation – Helping You Stay Safe

December 12, 2017
Tech Tuesday

So, you’ve been using our RIB® products for a while, and you say: “Man, these RIB® relays are just great, but I’m fearful of wiring up this low voltage coil input next to the high voltage relay output. I sure don’t want to be like Marv from ‘Home Alone’. Does Functional Devices make a RIB® relay […] Read More

Relay: Similar to a Light Switch!

October 24, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Many times when I take tech calls, I will answer a question on how to wire up a RIB® relay to control a load. When this happens, I have a go-to analogy that always seems to clear things up and answer the question. What is this genius analogy, you ask? Well, the title of this blog […] Read More

Staying Safe from High Voltage with Remote Current Sensor & Relay Combos

September 12, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Problem Here’s a scenario that may be familiar: the current of a high voltage load needs to be monitored with a current sensor, and the current sensor needs an integrated relay with 10A rated contacts. It seems easy, however when working with high voltage, some special equipment (and maybe even a licensed professional) is required. […] Read More

RIB® Current Sensors Just Make Sense

July 25, 2017
Tech Tuesday

RIB Split Core Current Sensor Slide Opening

Do you remember when spark plugs, an oil filter, and other critical engine components could be easily accessed by simply opening the car hood? Well I don’t, but my Dad calls those the “good old days.” Routine car maintenance and oil changes were so much simpler and less oil was spilled! That simplicity points directly […] Read More

Finding the Best DC Power Supply for Your Application

May 23, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Perhaps you are aware of or have used our AC power supplies and transformers, but do you know we offer DC power supplies as well? Just like many of our other products, our DC power supplies come with multiple options to best suit your application. Whether it is enclosed, track mountable, or non-isolated, we have […] Read More

Using RIBs® in a Laundry Facility

April 11, 2017
Tech Tuesday

Problem I answered a call from a technician in the field recently who wanted status feedback on clothes dryers in a small laundry facility. The technician wanted to monitor the current flow of three different dryers. If one or more dryers became active, a booster fan should also be activated to pull the exhaust air […] Read More


February 28, 2017

There could be many reasons to take pride in your job. For me, pride is experienced in the fact that our products are designed, tested, and manufactured right here in the United States of America. Need to call in for help with an install? Need to send a picture via email of the circuit you […] Read More

The City of Kokomo

February 7, 2017

Functional Devices is located in Sharpsville, Indiana, but we are also just south of Kokomo, “The City of Firsts“. Even though our RIB® products are not manufactured in Kokomo, many of our employees live or have lived in this community at some point in their lives. A fifteen minute drive drive from our office will […] Read More

Using RIB® Relays with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

January 10, 2017
Tech Tuesday

On my last technical support day, I received a few questions about whether our RIB® current sensors work well with variable frequency drive (VFD) motor controllers. The short answer is yes, but there are a couple key points worth noting. Determining Sensor Placement When using a RIB® current sensor to monitor the status of a […] Read More