4 Uses for Current Sensor and Relay Combos

June 29, 2021
Tech Tuesday

relay current sensor combo thumbnail

This week's Tech Tuesday is all about current sensor and relay combos! Read More

How to Override a 0-10V Dimmed Fixture with an Integral EM Battery

May 18, 2021
Tech Tuesday

Thanks to Michael Merchut from Graybar Phoenix for this great application idea! Read More

The Best RIB Devices for Control Panels

April 6, 2021
Tech Tuesday

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The Ultimate Lighting Setup

February 23, 2021
Tech Tuesday

Setting up a fully automated lighting system can seem frustrating, but we have a solution in this brand new Tech Tuesday! Read More

The Top 10 Most Universal RIB Relays

January 12, 2021
Tech Tuesday

In this Tech Tuesday, we go over our top 10 most universal RIB relay product offerings! Read More

Build-a-RIB Part 5: Power Supplies

October 13, 2020
Tech Tuesday

Welcome back to the Build-a-RIB Tech Tuesday Blog series, this time we will be talking about the naming convention of our Power Supplies! Read More

Wireless Dimming with EnOcean Enabled Phase Angle Dimmer

September 1, 2020
Tech Tuesday

Learn about our brand new wireless controlled phase angle dimmer in this Tech Tuesday! Read More

Part Change Notice: FDLTMAG to FDLTMAG2

August 27, 2020

Affected Models: FDLTMAG End of life Changeover: FDI has a limited number of the FDLTMAG left in stock. As this model reaches its end of life, if the FDLTMAG in unavailable, please order the FDLTMAG2 instead. Description of Changes: The FDLTMAG is being replaced by the FDLTMAG2. Functionality remains largely the same. Reason for Changes: […] Read More

Build-A-RIB Workshop Part 4: Optimus Prime?!

July 14, 2020
Tech Tuesday

In this Tech Tuesday, we talk about the naming convention for our transformers! Read More

Top 10 RIB Tips and Tricks

May 19, 2020
Tech Tuesday

Here's a list of our top 10 RIB tips and tricks! Read More