Sensing Current Below the Threshold

June 1, 2021
Tech Tuesday

At Functional Devices, Inc., we manufacture multiple types of current sensors. We have current switches, current transducers, and relay/current sensor combo devices, and there are plenty of variations of each. These options cover most applications where current sensing is required. However, there are increasing instances of loads that draw low current, especially with the prevalence […] Read More

How to Override a 0-10V Dimmed Fixture with an Integral EM Battery

May 18, 2021
Tech Tuesday

Thanks to Michael Merchut from Graybar Phoenix for this great application idea! Read More

Top 5 RIBU1C Tech Support Questions

May 4, 2021
Tech Tuesday

Do you want to know what the most popular calls regarding the RIBU1C are? Well, you came to the right blog post! Read More

Selecting a Power Supply Using Three Main Criteria

April 20, 2021
Tech Tuesday

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The Best RIB Devices for Control Panels

April 6, 2021
Tech Tuesday

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Using a Time Delay Relay to Control Disinfecting UV Light

March 23, 2021
Tech Tuesday

This week's Tech Tuesday entry comes from a call we received from an electrician out in the field. Check it out to to see what solution we came up with! Read More

EnOcean® Wireless RIB®: Dock Light Application

March 9, 2021
Tech Tuesday

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The Ultimate Lighting Setup

February 23, 2021
Tech Tuesday

Setting up a fully automated lighting system can seem frustrating, but we have a solution in this brand new Tech Tuesday! Read More

Tales from Tech Support: Hi/Lo Voltage Separation

February 9, 2021
Tech Tuesday

We had the pleasure of introducing our T-Style Relays to a customer this week on a Tech Call! Check out this Tech Tuesday to read about how it went down! Read More

How to Use a Dry Contact Input RIB Relay in a Central Vacuum System Application

January 26, 2021
Tech Tuesday

In a recent tech support call, we helped a customer with a very unique application involving a vacuum system. Click here to learn more! Read More