Horse Power (HP): What is this contact rating?

August 21, 2018
Employee Spotlight

This week we're covering horse power and the associated ratings on our datasheets! Read More

Controlling a Relay with a Microprocessor

August 14, 2018
Tech Tuesday

Is there a relay that can be controlled by a micro? Find out in a brand new Tech Tuesday! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Venessa Edwards

August 10, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Meet the one, the only Venessa Edwards! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Caley Popp

July 27, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Meet one of Functional Devices' favorite Shipping Clerks: Caley Popp. Read More

Introducing Our Brand New Logo

July 27, 2018

Allow us to introduce our brand new RIB® logo! Read More

Logical AND & OR Function with a RIB®

July 24, 2018
Tech Tuesday

Almost any Logical function can be achieved with relays. This blog will discuss the simplest of those using the RIBU2C. Read More

Employee Spotlight: Kallahan Beatty

July 13, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Meet Functional Devices' Marketing Assistant: Kallahan Beatty! Read More

Resistive: What is this contact rating?

July 10, 2018
Tech Tuesday

What's the definition of a resistive load? What are some examples? Where can the ratings be seen on our datasheets? Read on to learn! Read More

Employee Spotlight: Dave Siefers

June 29, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Meet the one, the only Dave Siefers! Read More

One Switch to Rule Them All

June 26, 2018
Tech Tuesday

In this Tech Tuesday I'm going to talk about master switches! Read More