550 VA UPS Power Supply Kit with BACnet® Communication

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Functional Devices manufactures a series of UPS backup power supply kits for use in critical controller applications. All models come prepackaged in a metal enclosure with an interface board and status LEDs for convenience and time savings in the field. Our newest model is a BTL Certified BACnet® compatible 550 VA UPS kit (PSH550-UPS-BC – retired), which enables detailed monitoring of your system.

PSH550-UPS-BC Kit Contains:

  • BACnet® compatible interface board
  • NEMA 1 metal enclosure
  • 550 VA UPS

Six BACnet® Objects Included:

  • Line or UPS – Binary Input 1 (BI1)
    • Indicates power from the line or UPS
  • USB Connection – Binary Input 2 (BI2)
    • Shows whether the USB connection to the interface board is viable
  • UPS Percent Load – Analog Input 1 (AI1)
    • Displays percentage of total capacity of the UPS being consumed from battery-backed outlets only
  • VA Load – Analog Input 2 (AI2)
    • Displays total load from the battery-backed outlets in VA
  • UPS Battery Capacity – Analog Input 3 (AI3)
    • Shows percentage of total battery capacity remaining
  • Remaining Battery Time – Analog Input 4 (AI4)
    • Indicates remaining run time of the battery in minutes

Installation & Functionality:

  • Power cord from the UPS plugs into one of the interface board’s outlets
  • Cord from the interface board plugs into one of the UPS battery-backed outlets
  • USB cable connects from the UPS to the interface board
  • MS/TP cable connects to the interface board
  • Communications from the UPS travel through the USB to the interface board, where the information is translated into BACnet® objects and sent out on the MS/TP network

For more detailed information on the PSH550-UPS-BC (retired), visit our website for the product datasheet, PIC Statement, and bulletin. If you still have questions, call our Technical Support Team, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5pm EST, or send us an email, and we will be happy to help you.

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