Build-a-RIB Part 5: Power Supplies

Welcome back to the Build-a-RIB Tech Tuesday Blog series, this time we will be talking about the naming convention of our Power Supplies!

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Welcome back to the Build-a-RIB Tech Tuesday Blog series. The series I write when I have no idea what else to write about. This time we will be talking about the naming convention of our Power Supplies. Once again, this one is pretty simple and easy to remember as there are really only a few possibilities.

Starting with the prefix, you know one of our products is a power supply when the product name starts with “PS”. This stands for, as you have certainly already guessed, “Power Supply”.

The next letter(s) in the product name dictates the enclosure type or lack thereof. Typically, this letter is an “H” which stands for “Housing”. Just like our relays, “M” stands for the 4″ plastic track and “MN” stands for the 2.75″ plastic track. There’s also “B”, “C”, and “P” which stand for our “Bracket Mount”, our “Closed Bracket Mount”, and “Plastic” housing, respectively.

After this is a number and it simply represents the VA or wattage rating of the power supply. After the number will be either an “A” or a “D”. “A” means it is an AC power Supply while “D” means it is a DC power supply. Sometimes there is a second number and letter to indicate a dual power supply.

Next are a few possibilities. “W” stands for wires, meaning that if the product name has a “W” in it, it will have output wires instead of terminals. The absence of a “W” in the name means the product has the standard output terminals. Sometimes there will also be “B10”. This simply means that there is a 10 Amp breaker switch on the input of the power supply.

Model Number Legend

PS –> Power Supply
H –> Housing
M –> 4.00″ Track Mount
MN –> 2.75″ Track Mount
B –> Bracket Mount
C –> Closed Bracket Mount
P –> Plastic Housing
### –> VA or Wattage rating
A –> AC Supply
D –> DC Supply
W –> Output wires
No W –> Output Terminals
B10 –> 10 Amp Input breaker switch

As always there are a couple of exceptions so if you cannot find what you are looking for be sure to contact us.

Tym Moore
Tym Moore

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