Build-A-RIB Workshop Part 3 (Kinda): Build a RIB

Today, we're talking about how you can use some of our products to make your own RIB, especially a RIB with multiple relays in it.

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A few years ago, I did a mini blog series called Build-A-RIB Workshop. The blogs explored the naming convention of our products, so you could tell what kind of product you were looking at based on the name. Highly recommend you check it out here if you haven’t already. Today, I’m bringing the series back… kinda…. I’m not talking about how to construct the function of a RIB based on its name, but instead talking about how you can use some of our products to make your own RIB, especially a RIB with multiple relays in it.

PE6000 Series Enclosures

PE6000 Series EnclosureThe idea centers around one of our enclosures: the PE6000 series. It’s a 4″ x 7″ plastic enclosure that can be ordered either in Nema 1 and Nema 4/4X versions. The PE6000 can also be ordered with some of our mounting track pre-installed. One of these, paired with several modular relays of your choice, allows you to assemble your own RIB.


Build your own RIB Relay

For example, let’s say you really like the functionality of the RIBU2S2, but you really wish it came in a NEMA 4/4X version. Even though we don’t sell a RIBU2S2-N4, we in a way sell the parts to make one. You can do this by getting two RIBMNU1S and the PE6020-N4. Simply snap the two RIBMNU1S into the track in the PE6020-N4, make your connections, and screw the lid down. You could even mix and match, like putting a RIBM2401D and RIBM2401B into a PE6010. This would give you two contacts rated at 10A and a single contact rated at 20A, all in one box!

Something to note when making your own relay: pay attention to your “M”s and “N”s. If a modular relay snaps into 4” track, it will have the prefix “RIBM”. In this case, you want to get the PE6010 to snap your relays in. If the modular relay has the prefix “RIBMN” then it snaps into 2.75″ track and you will want the PE6020.

This is one of those RIB applications you can do a lot with, so be creative! Of course, if you’re not sure which relays to pick to get the application and fit that you want, you can always contact us.

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