Controlling a Closet Light with RIBs®

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Problem: This past week, I had two customers call in for help using an RIBU1C to control a closet light. That is a legitimate question because, after all, the device between a low voltage switch and a high voltage load is commonly a relay. The problem is that using an RIBU1C as a closet light controller, requires a stepdown transformer.

Solution: Use a CLC (Closet Light Controller) Series RIB®

Why should I use the CLC Series RIBs®?

Fortunately, we design our RIBs for all types of applications, including controlling a closet light. We even named them appropriately as our ‘CLC Series’! You can get a relay for retrofit (CLC106) or new construction applications (CLC212 series). You can even get switches from us, too. These CLC RIBs are much easier to install than a relay with a transformer, especially if you buy one of our switches.

How do the switches work?

Our switches are guaranteed to work with our RIBs. Oftentimes customers run into a problem where they buy the wrong switch and then get stuck having to go back to their supplier to get another one. The problem there is that most people buy their door switches from security companies. What’s the difference between security and other industries? It’s the opposite. We solved the “opposite” problem by offering switches with both options. If you wire it up and it works opposite of how you want, change the wires on the low voltage switch! We offer a recessed magnet option (ACLCMAGDJ) and a surface mount option (ACLCMAGSM). We even offer help with your wiring; if you can’t decipher the table and pictures on our Selection Guide, call our Technical Support.

Do you have any solutions with a time delay option?

Don’t forget, we also offer them with built-in time delays of either 15 minutes (CLC212-D15) or 1 hour (CLC212-D60). I have a CLC212-D15 RIB in each of my closets at home. The first one was for BETA testing; the others were just because they’re awesome! There is one particular closet that gets left open a whole lot, so it sure is nice to have it shut off automatically.

So whether you wire up your closet light with an RIBU1C or a CLC RIB®, you know the best way to do it: RIB® it!

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