EnOcean® Enabled Wireless RIB® with 0-10 Vdc Dimming Control

Functional Devices, Inc. has recently released a new product to add to our ever-expanding line. Learn about it here, in a brand new Tech Tuesday!
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Functional Devices has released a new product to add to our ever-expanding line of EnOcean® Enabled Wireless RIB® Devices. As you might have guessed, it has a relay and it is in a box – but wait, there’s more! It also has a 0-10 Vdc output, and it is wireless! We have two models: one for lighting applications (model FDLR20GV), and one for building automation applications (model RIBW21BAO-EN3).

The device’s relay output and 0-10 Vdc output can be controlled by either an EnOcean® Enabled Rocker Switch (model WWS2-EN3) or an EnOcean® Gateway. The SPDT relay output is rated up to 20 Amps and 277 Vac for most loads. It also has a 16 Amp Electronic Ballast rating for LED lighting. The 0-10 Vdc output can source or sink current, 10mA and 50mA respectively, and it has a wide input voltage range of 120-277 Vac.



Model FDLR20GV can potentially control an entire branch circuit of lighting. Both the ON/OFF through the relay, and the dimming with the 0-10 Vdc output. A typical 0-10 Vdc LED Driver or Ballast will provide 2mA or less current to the control’s output for dimming purposes. This means model FDLR20GV could control dimming on as many as 25 fixtures at once.



Model RIBW21BAO-EN3 is intended for wireless, 0-10 Vdc applications in the building automation sector. This can be used as a speed control on a variable speed fan, for position control on a damper actuator, or for control of automatic blinds.

These are only a few of the applications for a wireless, 0-10 Vdc relay. If you think of a creative way to use one of our EnOcean® Enabled Wireless RIB® Relays, let us know. We love to hear our customers’ interesting applications. As always, do not hesitate to contact us for any help with selecting or using one of our products!

Henry Smith
Henry Smith

Henry Smith is the Product Design Manager at Functional Devices, Inc. He has a BS in EET obtained from Purdue University in 2014 and a lifelong interest in electronics. As an engineer at Functional Devices, he gets to provide Technical Support to our customers, from distributors to specifying engineers and installers.

Henry enjoys providing tech support, as it allows our company to assist at every level of our product’s lifecycle and exposes us to interesting and unique applications. While not every technical question is unique, even answering a simple question or providing someone with the information in a timely manner can go a long way to helping them meet a deadline.

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