Introducing our new Mechanically Latching Relays

Introducing our new Mechanically Latching Panel Mount Relay Series!

Functional Devices is proud to offer a panel mount relay for lighting control, which includes a mechanical latching output with 24Vac/dc momentary pulse control. We provide a 20 Amp standard ballast, with a 16 Amp electronic ballast rating for both on/off capabilities. Our relay options give you the flexibility for either a 2-wire status report (FDL20ALRMU & FDL20ALRM2U) or by an auxiliary contact output (FDL20ALRM2U) for low voltage status feedback. The FDL20ALRMU is unique in that the status reporting comes from the contact output, not that of the control side. This gives you actual feedback that the load is active. Both models include an override manual switch for status control at the panel if required.

FDL20ALRMU & FDL20ALRM2U Contact Ratings:

  • 20 Amp Resistive @ 120-277 Vac
  • 20 Amp Ballast @ 120-277 Vac
  • 16 Amp Electronic Ballast @ 120-277 Vac
  • 5540 Watts Tungsten
  • 2 HP @ 277 Vac
  • 3 HP @ 240 Vac
  • 1.5 HP @ 120 Vac
  • Auxiliary Contact: 5 Amp @ 30 Vac/dc max
  • Control Input: 24 Vac/dc
  • Relay Type: SPST Mechanically Latching
  • Latch/Unlatch: Min 20 Vdc/22 Vac
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 140 F
  • Humidity Range: 5-95%(noncondensing)
  • Dimensions: 3.88″ x 2.76″ x .78″
  • Approval: UL Listed, UL508, C-UL, CE, RoHS
  • FDL20ALRMU: A load drawing at least 0.3 Amps AC must be attached to the contacts to ensure correct reporting.
FDL20ALRMU FDL20ALRM2U Housing Mockup
Kallahan Beatty
Kallahan Beatty

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