Finding a Replacement Relay

In this week's Tech Tuesday, we go over how to pick the right replacement relay!

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I think we all have had the problem of finding a replacement relay at some point. Sometimes it’s a job position, other times it’s a part of your car, and in the worst of times it’s your favorite snack. It can be a time that you dread because finding a replacement isn’t always easy, and even when it is easy it ends up being no where near as good as the original. Personally, every time I go to the store I fear I will find the shelf void of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and thus be forced to buy the off-brand or get something even worse like normal Cheetos. This has happened to me multiple times, and it’s usually a sign that my week is going to suck.

Luckily for all of us, you never have to feel that way when trying to find a replacement for a RIB relay! RIB relays can be used for a wide variety of applications, and those possible applications for each relay can overlap. This means with a little creativity you can find a replacement for almost anything.

Rules for finding a replacement relay:

  1. The replacement relay should have the same or greater number of poles as the original relay.
  2. The replacement relay should have the same or greater contact rating.
  3. The replacement relay should have the same coil voltage as the original relay.

Take for example replacing the RIB2401D and RIBU2C. The RIB2401D is a 10A rated DPDT relay, and the RIBU2C is two separate 10A rated SPDT relays in one enclosure. Both relay devices also have the option for both 24Vac/dc or 120Vac coils. You can see from the descriptions that replacement rules 2 and 3 have been followed. Rule 1 comes by wiring the two coils in the RIBU2C in parallel. So even though the RIBU2C doesn’t specifically say DPDT, it can still be used as a DPDT because it has 2 poles. SPDT + SPDT = DPDT. Similarly, the RIB2402D can be replaced by the RIBH2C.

Replace RIBU1C with RIB2401B

Another example is replacing the RIBU1C with the RIB2401B. Both are SPDT relays with 120Vac and 24Vac/dc coil options which validates rules 1 and 3. However, the RIB2401B has a different contact rating than the RIBU1C. The solution comes with the fact that the RIB2401B has 20A rated contact as opposed to 10A. This makes the RIB2401B more than a suitable replacement for RIBU1C.

Replace RIB2401B with RIB01P

Lastly, let’s look at replacing a RIB2401B with RIB01P. This one is valid only if you planned on using the 120V coil of the RIB2401B. The RIB01P doesn’t have the option for the 24Vac/dc coil. Both relays have 20A contact ratings and the RIB01P has 1 more pole than the RIB2401B which you don’t need to use. Both relays can be used as 10A rated SPDT relays with 120Vac coils.

Hopefully this helps you find replacements when needed. If you can’t find a replacement relay using these rules, feel free to call or emails us here at tech support.

Tym Moore
Tym Moore

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