General Purpose Relays for Lighting Applications

Many contractors and lighting specialists need General Purpose Relays when specifying or installing in lighting control systems. Functional Devices’ General Purpose Relays are so good – the competition might as well be selling First Lieutenant Purpose Relays.

Bathroom Fan

You’ve got a light switch controlling 277V lights. You’ve got a 120V fan you would like to follow the light switch. Time to install a transformer…right? That would be a weird addition to an article about General Purpose Relays so I’m going to go with…wrong! What you need is an LR2402B2G. It is a 20A relay with a 208-277V coil voltage. Connect the coil to the 277V light switch, wire up the contacts to the 120V fan, and you’re done.

Controlled Receptacle

Many of our customers have LED strips or other types of lights that turn on when plugged in. Functional Devices customers, being the intelligent and good-looking bunch they are, have the thought, “How can I remotely control this electrical outlet?” Well sure as luck would have it, we offer a General Purpose Relay that can generally meet this purpose. Take a look at the LR2401B2G.

The signal turning on and off the LR2401B2G could be a variety of sources. A lighting ballast, light switch, or even a third thing. The LR2401B2G and LR2402B2G are perfect devices for when the lighting world just needs a thing to turn on another thing. They have two poles on them which are completely isolated so you could switch two loads at once. There are both normally open and normally closed contacts in case you wanted something to turn on with another thing turns off. The contacts are rated for 16A @ 277V Electronic Ballast, which means they can be used to turn on LED lights without worrying about inrush current. The coil voltage even has a 24V option for if you’re trying to turn on a high voltage device with a low voltage signal.

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Noah Smith
Noah Smith

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