Get to Know RIB Current Transformers!

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Let’s get familiar with our RIB current transformers! These CTs are compact in size and have a split-core, solid-core, or rogowski coil construction, making them easy to install in a power metering application. Notable precision boasts a typical accuracy of 0.5%, which makes them perfect for revenue-grade jobs. These units output a 333mV analog signal from the 6 feet worth of output wire. Consult the factory for alternative analog output options. Most of all, these current transformers are designed and made in the USA with global materials. At Functional Devices, product quality is of the utmost concern and these CTs deliver just that.

Features of RIB Current Transformers

  • Split-core, solid-core, or rogowski coil construction
  • 5A – 10,000A range models
  • 333mV output, full-scale
  • ETL Approved
  • UL 2808 & IEC 61010-1/2 & CSA C22.2
  • CE Approved
  • Indoor use only
  • Made in the USA with Global Materials
Power Meter 3-Phase and Single Phase
Current Transformer Chart

“MOD” Series

The MOD series of devices are optional modules that connect to the output of the Rogowski Coil CTs and convert the output to the 0.333 V analog scale for use in other Power Monitoring systems. The MOD series has options for one, two, or three-phase power feeds. Finally, the MOD series devices are DIN rail-mountable, are ETL approved, and require 12 Vdc for input voltage.

MOD Series Chart
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