Introducing our new Step-Down Transformers!

Learn about our brand new Step Down Transformers for Lighting Controls!

Functional Devices Lighting Controls is proud to announce our new offering of conventional transformers. In addition to our 100VA Auto Transformer, we now offer a complete solution when a step-down transformer is needed for your next project.

100 VA Auto Transformer LTA100

Model LTA100 is similar to a conventional transformer in that it has a magnetic core. However, this product has only one winding which is common to both the primary and secondary circuits.

Conventional Transformer LT Series

The LT Series is ideal for stepping down voltages from 480/277/240/208 to 120Vac or 277/240/208/120 to 24Vac. These conventional transformers utilize split-bobbin construction, making them inherently isolated.

Kallahan Beatty
Kallahan Beatty

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