Mount Your Controller & Peripheral Devices in our Prepackaged Power Supply

If you’re planning to install a controller and other peripheral devices, an important consideration is where the items will be placed within an enclosure, and how they will be powered. Fortunately, Functional Devices has a line of products that can address both of those needs: the MHP Series – Prepackaged Power Supply. These products include a metal enclosure, power supply and a sub-panel with several options to meet your specific needs. The photo below shows our newest model, MHP4604100A100AB10, with several RIB® products and a BAS controller to give you an idea of how these devices will fit into our prepackaged device.

Prepackaged Power Supply


The MHP Series comes with two enclosure choices. Both enclosures have a reversible door for flexibility, and they are made of 14-gauge steel. They also come with a key latch to keep unwanted people out.

Power Supply

Both enclosure sizes are offered with either a single 100 VA or dual 100 VA, 120 to 24 VAC power supply. The power supply is mounted in the top of the enclosure with knockouts directly above it that accommodate ½” or ¾” conduit. This allows high voltage to be brought to the supply, while keeping everything inside the enclosure Class 2. The power supply has a 10 A Switch/Breaker on the input, and each output has a breaker, ON/OFF switch and an LED to indicate that the output is energized. For convenience, there are also two receptacles on the power supply that can be used while troubleshooting or doing maintenance.


Two sub-panel options are available: perforated steel or polymetal. The integral sub-panels are easily removable for mounting equipment, and the screw posts they mount on have standoffs for hardware clearance.

Prepackaged Power Supply Selection Chart

Below is a photo showing examples of a few model variations, as well as a selection chart to aid in finding the right solution for you.

Prepackaged Power Supplies

If the MHP Series does not fit your needs, take a look at our wide range of enclosure, sub-panel and power supply offerings. Some combination will surely work for you. If you are overwhelmed by the options, give us a call or send us an email, and we can help you find a match.

Henry Smith
Henry Smith

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