Mounting Options for RIB® Relays

This week, we're talking about the mounting options for our RIB Relays!

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The relay products we offer are made to be installed in various locations. Our most common mounting means can be found on our Relay In A Box (RIB®) products. These prepackaged relays come in a plastic housing and have a 0.5″ or 0.75″ National Pipe Thread (NPT) nipple. These products can be mounted on a FIP conduit connection or through a knockout on an enclosure, using the included locknut. The images below show the housings we offer with this mounting option (images not to scale).

The NPT option is great if there is limited space inside enclosure that the RIB® will mount to. However, if space is not a concern, we offer most products in a modular, or track mount, version as well. These products will have a dimension that is either 2.75″ or 4″, which allows them to mount in our 2.75″ track (MT212 Series) or our 4″ track (MT4 Series). Some come with the track included, but with others it is sold separately. The images below show just a few of these products.

We also carry a line of relay products that can be mounted on 35mm DIN rail, and one product that can mount on DIN rail OR in our 2.75″ track. We sell standard DIN rail in 1 meter lengths and end stops as well. The first three images below show 3 of our DIN RIB® Series. The fourth image is of our RIBAN Series (DIN Rail or Track mount).

DIN Housings 1024x260 1

If you mount our products a different way or would like us to offer a different mounting option, please let us know. We love to get feedback on our products, so we can continue to improve them!

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