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In this week’s Tech Tuesday blog post, I thought it might be helpful to give an overview of Functional Devices’ website. There is a lot of useful information available to help you pick the right RIB® device or realize an application. I will point out some of the key sections of our website, so you can find the information you need without any hassle.


Fig. 1

The above image (Fig. 1) shows the homepage, with several sections labeled in red. The following bullets will give more detail about each of these sections:

  1. Find a Lighting Rep” shows an interactive map of North America showing where you can find lighting reps that carry our products. Click on your location and contact information will appear.
  2. Order Tracking leads to a page where you can see the status of your order by entering your purchase order number. We’ll also give you a direct link to track the shipping.

    Fig. 2
  3. Find a Distributor” (Fig. 2) is one of our most helpful pages, containing a list of online distributors and an interactive map to help find a location near you. After entering your ZIP code, sort the results by selecting either Distance (closest location) or Type (stocking volume).

    Fig. 3
  4. Products” will lead you to a page with our three main product lines. Each is subdivided into more specific categories to help you easily find the type of device you need. At the product level (Fig. 3), you will find important links to the product datasheet, wiring diagram, or driver files for some of our network devices.
  5. Support offers a lot of technical information about our products. Catalogs, datasheets, and drawings are all available for download in this section. Additionally, the FAQ section of our support page answers many of the most common questions customers have. Application drawings are available here as well to assist you in wiring your new RIB®.

Searching for Products

The easiest way to find a specific product is by using our main product search bar, which is located on the top of every page of the website. Fig. 4 below shows this search bar and the page that you’ll see when you use it:

Fig. 4

Once you are on the search page, you can use the secondary search box to add more search terms, filtering out the current results for more specific products.

Next time you visit, take a look around and get to know our website. You may stumble upon a new product or application drawing that you did not even know you needed. As always, our Sales and Support teams are here Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm EST to assist you if you still have questions.

Henry Smith
Henry Smith

Henry Smith is a design engineer at Functional Devices, Inc. He has a BS EET obtained from Purdue University in 2014 and a lifelong interest in electronics. As an engineer at Functional Devices, he gets to provide Technical Support to our customers, from distributors to specifying engineers and installers.

Henry enjoys providing tech support, as it allows our company to assist at every level of our product’s lifecycle and exposes us to interesting and unique applications. While not every technical question is unique, even answering a simple question or providing someone with the information in a timely manner can go a long way to helping him or her meet a deadline.

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