Product Change Notice – LSDUALC & LSDUALC2

Part Change Notice LSDUALC to LSDUALC2

Type: Change Notice

Tym Moore


Affected Models: LSDUALC

End of Life Changeover: FDI has a limited number of LSDUALC left in stock. As this model reaches its end of life, if LSDUALC is unavailable, please order the LSDUALC2 instead.

Description of Changes: The LSDUALC is being replaced by the LSDUALC2. LSDUALC2 has Acoustic detection for detecting sounds instead of ultrasonic motion detection in addition to PIR sensing. Calibration of sensor has also changed. See LSDUALC2 datasheet and Bulletin B3153 for details.

Reasons for Changes:

  • Supply Chain Changes

Datasheets for Original Models:

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