The Added Value of RIB® Relays

When you buy a RIB device, you know you're getting a valuable product with quality in mind.

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Added Value of RIB Relays

With RIB relays, you are getting more than just a device with a relay. Since 1969, Functional Devices has been a company that keeps the customer in mind. With that, we make sure you, the customer, are getting a quality device. They will operate for thousands upon thousands of cycles when used within its rated specifications. When you buy a RIB device, you know you’re getting a valuable product with quality in mind. However, what is the added value of RIB Relays?

  • Our RIB devices are manufactured right here in the great Hoosier State of Indiana.
  • Our RIB devices are fully-functional tested before leaving our manufacturing facility.
  • Our RIB devices are designed with transient voltage suppression and are transient voltage tested. They will stand to operate in electrically noisy environments.
  • Our RIB devices are full-wave rectified.
  • Our RIB devices are either UL Component Recognized, UL Listed, or UL Approved (see product datasheets for specific approval details).
  • Our RIB relay devices have complete isolation between the coil input and the relay contacts.
  • Our Technical Support team is made up of the engineers who design the devices you install – we know the product well!

From a technical standpoint, you can rest assured that the RIB device that you install is the best device for your money! If you have any questions or need help choosing the best device for your next project, be sure to call in and ask for technical support.

Sam Klennert
Sam Klennert

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