The Top 10 Most Universal RIB Relays

In this Tech Tuesday, we go over our top 10 most universal RIB relay product offerings!

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This is my honest opinion on what are the Top 10 Relays that are the most universal in their application. Any relay on this list is only limited by your imagination and creativity on how to use them. They tend to be the relays to keep close at hand, just in case you run into something unexpected during an installation. Here they are in no particular order:


#1 RIBU1C: This one is a no-brainer. With 10-30 Vac/dc or 120 Vac coil options, and 10 Amp rated SPDT contacts, it’s no wonder this relay can be used for anything from a Nest Doorbell to a Fountain Pump. The “U” in RIBU1C even stands for “Universal” and serves as the inspiration for the rest of this list.


#2 RIB2401B: I tend to think of this one as the RIBU1C’s bigger brother. It’s largely similar with 24 Vac/dc or 120Vac coil options, and 20 Amp rated SPDT contacts. It can be used in a lot of the same applications as the RIBU1C but can handle larger loads thanks to its increased contact ratings. A RIBU1C can turn on a fan. From the same signal, a RIB2401B can turn on a much bigger fan. Besides that, they’re really the same relay.


#3 RIB2401D: I’m going to call this one the RIBU1C’s cousin. Bear with me here. It’s coil voltage options and contact ratings are mostly the same as the RIBU1C’s at 24 Vac/dc or 120 Vac, and 10 Amps respectively. The thing that sets this apart from the RIBU1C is the fact that it has DPDT contacts instead of SPDT; meaning you can control two different loads with the same signal. Overall, anything you can do with the RIBU1C, you can do with the RIB2401D.


#4 RIB24P: If the RIB2401D is the RIBU1C’s cousin, then that would make the RIB24P its… uncle? Actually, I’m not going to do the RIB family tree anymore, it’s getting confusing. This thing has got a 24 Vac/dc coil and 20 Amp rated DPDT contacts, meaning it can switch on two of almost anything from a 24V signal.


#5 RIBU2C: We’ve already talked about how great and universal the RIBU1C is, now imagine having two of those in one box. That’s exactly what the RIBU2C is. This relay shows up in a variety of strange applications, but my favorite might be one involving a bathroom exhaust fan.


#6 RIBTW2401B-BC: This relay at its bare bones is the same as the RIB2401B, so naturally it can do just about anything that the RIB2401B can do. What sets this relay apart, is its BACnet communications and the addition of a binary input. There are many possibilities when used in a BACnet application.


#7 RIB24P30: This one makes it onto this list because of one key feature: its contact size. Its DPDT contacts are 30 Amp rated, making it the beefiest relay we have. This relay can handle almost any load you would need a relay for. If you manage to have a load that’s big enough to exceed this relay’s contact ratings, then you no longer need a relay.


#8 RIB01BDC: This relay is once again a lot like the RIB2401B. What makes it different is it sacrifices the 24 V coil for a dry contact input. I feel like I hear of a new application for this relay at least once a week. From Automated Dust Collection and Irrigation Systems, to Appliance Garages. I didn’t even know an appliance garage was a thing until someone told me a RIB01BDC could be used for it.


#9 RIB2421B: Like the RIB24P30, this relay makes it onto this list because of a unique feature. Its coil has an option for 24 Vac/dc like many of the other relays on the list but has two additional coil options: 120 Vac and 208-277 Vac. Pair that with its 20 Amp rated SPDT contacts and you have a relay that can switch almost any load at almost any voltage.


#10 RIBRL1S-NS: This last relay is a newcomer to the group. Imagine the RIBU1C, but packed in a super-convenient DIN-Rail mount housing. That’s basically what the RIBRL1S-NS is. While excluding the 120 Vac coil option, it has a coil side override switch. This makes it super useful for any panel applications. This one may be new, but we’re super excited to see what all of you do with it.

There you have it. My Top 10 picks for the most Universal RIB Relays. Didn’t see your favorite RIB Relay on the list? Then be sure to comment on our social media or contact us to tell us why you think your favorite deserves a spot.

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