Top 5 RIBU1C Tech Support Questions

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By far the RIBU1C relay is the most popular relay we offer, with its 120 Vac and 10-30 Vac/dc coil input options and 10 Amp relay contact rating. So many are sold each year that I sometimes wonder if people are buying them to only chuck them down a bottomless well. I highly doubt that, though, as the RIBU1C relay is highly valued and is such a versatile relay that can be used in so many ways. The RIBU1C relay is also a popular topic during tech calls, as people call in to ask various questions about the relay.

Do you want to know what the most popular calls regarding the RIBU1C are? Well, you came to the right blog post! Here is a “Top 5” list of the popular Tech Support calls when it comes to the RIBU1C relay:

Top 5 RIBU1C Tech Support Questions

  1. I have this RIBU1C relay. How do I wire it up? – This is a common call that has a quick answer. One great explanation is here on our FAQ page.
  2. How does this RIBU1C relay work? What does it do? Here’s a great Tech Blog post that explains how relays are similar in function to a light switch, which helps explain what relays do.
  3. I have a 10 Amp or less load that I want to turn on/off. Which relay do I choose? – When it comes to loads that are 10 Amps or less, the RIBU1C is a great choice. You can find all the contact ratings of the RIBU1C here on the datasheet.
  4. I need a relay that provides a dry contact output. Which relay do I choose? – The RIBU1C is great at providing a dry contact output (digital output). What’s even better is that the relay contacts on the RIBU1C are coated with gold flash, which makes them great for use as a digital output:Gold Flash
  5. Can the RIBU1C relay handle Electronic Ballast loads? – As versatile as the RIBU1C relay is, unfortunately, the RIBU1C is not rated for Electronic Ballast loads. Here is a great Tech Blog post that explains what Electronic Ballast loads are. Check out the RIB2401B relay if you need to control an Electronic Ballast load.

Do you have a different question about the RIBU1C relay or any of our other devices? Feel free to get in touch with our team.

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