When To Go Wireless

There are many relay options offered here at Functional Devices. One of the main goals of our relays is to make the installation job easier because typically, time is money. When it comes to choosing the right RIB relay for the job, though, we understand that help may be needed.

At the time of writing this blog, I’ve answered and logged over 9,300 technical calls. Some of those calls involved helping someone determine if our wireless relays are the right choice for their application. Here are some questions I ask to help determine when to go with the wireless relays.

  • How far is this?
    • If the application has the relay being wired far away, maybe the wireless relay will make the job easier, therefore saving time and money for the installer.
  • Did the existing relay wires get cut?
    • If, for example, some low voltage thermostat wires were severed and they extend across a building, then maybe it’s easier to use the wireless relays to solve the problem compared to pulling new wires for the existing relay.
  • Is this a new or finished building?
    • If this is a new building, then wired relays might be fine. If the project is within a finished building, then wireless relays may help to reduce the holes or damage done to complete the project.
  • Is this a historic building?
    • If the building is historic and cannot be dismantled in any way, then wireless relay technology should be an even larger consideration.

Those were just a few questions to give you an idea about how the wireless relays we offer can benefit in a given job. Hopefully, considering those questions will help you determine if going wireless is the right decision!

Still have questions? Feel free to contact Support, either by calling or sending in an email. We’re happy to help.

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Sam Klennert
Sam Klennert

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