Current Sensors

Functional Devices’ current switches and transducers are available with just a current sensor, or with a current sensor and 10 or 20 Amp relay. An internal 10 Amp relay can be used to activate an external load, and currents up to 150 Amps are sensed externally with a solid or split current sensing ring. Other units control and sense up to 20 Amp loads, without the use of an external current ring, greatly reducing installation time. Models are available with fixed or adjustable current sensing trigger points, with voltage outputs or 4-20 mA regulation. Externally visible LEDs indicate the status of the relay coil and current sensor trigger. The (Closed-Open-Auto) override switch, available on certain models, is a true override switch located on the load side of the relay.

Current switches and transducers have been packaged to save the installer the time, trouble, and expense of buying separate components (current sensor, relay, LED indicator, socket, mounting rail, and housing) and assembling them on the job or at the shop. Current rings (solid or split core) feature a wire clamp that ensures proper positioning along the load wire. The low voltage wiring compartment of the T Style eliminates the need for a junction box. Models are available enclosed and track mountable.

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